Centenary of Federation Parade
'Who are We?' theme
Designed by Wendy Osmond
Image: City of Sydney Archives
Ian Walker Collection 65944​​​​​​​
Faith Bandler, Gough and Margaret Whitlam and Nick Greiner on the Reconciliation Ship, January 1, 2001
Reconciliation Ship at the Museum of Sydney. Scale model by Wendy Osmond in foreground
Photo Ross Heathcote
Reconciliation Ship on display at the Museum of Sydney
Photo Ross Heathcote
POWERHOUSE MUSEUM: 2004/2/15 Float, 'Reconciliation Ship', mixed media, designed by Wendy Osmond, used at 'Journey of a Nation' Centenary of Federation parade, made in Australia, 2000

Gift of New South Wales Centenary of Federation Committee, 2004

Henry Parkes Concept drawing
Centenary of Federation Programme with concept sketches by Wendy Osmond
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