I pay my respects to all Traditional Custodians on whose lands I live, work and travel through, in Australia and overseas.
Please note that the content below may contain images of deceased persons.
Eight Days in Kamay
State Library of New South Wales  2020-21

Exhibition Design by Wendy Osmond
Graphic Design by Dominic Hon
Photographs by Joy Lai, SLNSW
'In April 1770, strangers onboard the Endeavour appeared off the shores of Kamay (Botany Bay). This exhibition explores the eight days that followed and their continuing legacy.'
Immersive panoramic and macro photographs of the natural world at Kamay function as a linking device between past and present, ship and shore and two types of knowledge.
 'Contested Legacies' presents contemporary artists' explorations of the legacy of James Cook. 
Left to right: Michael Cook 'Undiscovered'; Karla Dickens 'Rum Runners'; Daniel Boyd; Vincent Namatjira.
'Seeing without Understanding' presents Endeavour journals and sketches alongside botanic specimens and oral histories from Gweagal Elders and knowledge holders.
'Memorial and Protest' examines the events surrounding the bicentenary of the Endeavour's visit to Kamay.
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